Responsive Web Design vs Mobile Friendly Websites

Posted: Dec 08, 2018

One of the more common questions these days is for responsive website development vs mobile friendly, this also is a common area of confusion. I thought it’d be a good idea to take a few moments and explain the difference between the two concepts.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile friendly websites are the minimum in terms of a mobile web technologies. A mobile friendly site is a copy of desktop website but designed to work in the same way across mobiles devices. Nothing changes other than the scale of the site, and usability is not a factor. Features like navigation, menus, drop downs and other elements are limited, as they can be difficult to use on mobile.

Important factors:

  • Static content doesn't change
  • Basic navigation, hard to use
  • Images displayed in smaller sizes
  • May not work ideally on a touchscreen devices

Responsive Websites

Responsive websites are designed and developed to respond to the screen size of the device. Usability is an important factor for each experience (desktops, tablets, and  phones). The layout, navigation and content will display differently. Unnecessary images are hidden so they don't interfere or compete with important content specially is small screens.

Important Factors:

  • Dynamic content that changes
  • Navigation is optimized for small devices
  • Images are optimized for different screens
  • Reliant on mobile operating systems
  • Better SEO: Ranks well on Google

The mobile market is growing very fast. If you haven’t gone mobile yet, your business is losing the mobile market. Mobile traffic has increased by 192.5% since 2010 and 4 out of 5 consumers are using smartphones to shop online and search for products and services.